"My work is a reflection of my experiences and my beliefs in my life. 
Each piece I create, each collection I compose is a reflection of an unknown future, driven by my passion and excitement to explore spontaneous adventures or chase dreams, aspirations, or hopes.
My pieces carry my messages--simple for some, enigmatic to others but unique for all.
Each piece is a trace of an aspect of our paths through life, and each story carves a different path. Steps through winding paths which may at first seem abstract or random, only to resolve themselves--and in retrospect--appear natural or innate."


Jinbi was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. She studied English literature at Kyung-sung University, South Korea and European-American culture at Seigakuin University, Japan where she graduated with BFA as a transfer student. Always looking to get more out of life, Jinbi concurrently obtained her graduate degree in Gemologist at GIA Japan and then went on to work at Shima Japan in Ginza, Tokyo where she focused on diamonds, and in particular, Bridal Jewelry.

This engagement, however, left her unfulfilled after taking time to travel around the world and learn more about herself. She set off to the West in a plane heading to New York City to study Jewelry Design at Fashion Institute of Technology first hand and push the limits of her creativity by creating a Jewelry brand JINBI DESIGN.